Warsaw has been the capital of Poland  since 1596.  The population is estimated of 1.700 million residents. The surface area of Warsaw is of 517 sqkm. 84% of the constructions were destroyed during the Second World War.

The mayor is H. Gronkiewicz-Wallz. The flag of Warsaw is yellow and red. Warsaw is also the 9th most populated capital city in the European Union. Today, Warsaw is considered a major international tourist destination, a signifiant cultural, political, and an economic hub. Warszaw is one of the cities with the highest number of skyscrapers in the European Union. In 1656, the Battle of Verden during the first war of the North took place there.

One of the most famous people born in Warsaw was Maria Skloclowska-Curie, she was the first female recipient of the Nobel prize. The famous musicians are Wladyslaw Sepilman and Frederic Chopin. Warsaw is also one of the European hubs of underground electronic music with a very attractive techno music scene. Warsaw was the home to over 30 major theatres spread throughout the city including the National theatre.

Warsaw is in the region of Mazovie. Warsaw is cut by a river called the Vistula, its length is of 1047 km. And in Warsaw there are some monuments like the Palace of the culture and the science, the construction was started in 1952 and was completed in 1955. The Lazienki Park, the royal castle from Warsaw, and the instruction Museum are in Warsaw.