Thursday morning in Teterow

This Thursday morning, the whole group went together to the “Natur- und Umweltpark Güstrow”, a local wildlife park that is situated 25km in the west of Teterow. During a guided tour, the students could spot – among other things – brown bears, wolfs, storks, lynx and various kinds of fish. The park measures 204 hectares and contains extensive enclosures which permits keeping the animals in a near-natural environment.

Afterlunch at the park, we made our way back to Teterow to continue the afternoon with another workshop: The students of every country presented short commercials about a local company that they had produced beforehand. The winner of this little video contest was the Polish team with their advertisement for “Polish ice-cream” (to have a look at the video, please click here). Furthermore, the students had prepared some presentations about different global companies (H&M, McDonalds, Ikea) and their respective situation in the home countries of the students.

Check out the Facebook page of the project for more impressions of the fourth day.

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