Friday in Teterow

It’s already the last day of the project week at Teterow, soon it’s going to be time to say goodbye… In the morning, the students participated in a “surprise workshop”, where they learned a group performance including a song and some action with cups. Afterwards, everybody got their own Erasmus+ Teterow T-Shirt and went together to lunch at the school.

The afternoon began with a big event: Some students of the Gymnasium Europaschule Teterow had organized a “Pulse of Europe” demonstration throughout the city. These demonstrations are more and more organized in Germany and other EU countries every sunday to show that there are also a lot of people who support European integration, despite what might be the image transported by political parties that are very critical about it. With loud music in the background, a group of about 250-300 people, mostly students of the school, went together to the city center and later back to the school while making a lot of noise and giving some speeches on the market place of Teterow.

In the evening, the Gymnasium Europaschule Teterow hosted a big international event in cooperation with the town hall and thus the mayor of Teterow. The students presented the group performance learned in the morning and showed two of the videos that they created during the project week. The guests – host families, teachers, local business people and politicians – and the students enjoyed a lovely evening, which was the perfect ending of a wonderful week in Germany.

Check out the video and the Facebook page of the project for more impressions of the last day.